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Three reasons retailers should use PPT

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Tailored Business Solutions

Customizable solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of each retailer, whether they operate in clothing, electronics, food, or any other retail niche.

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Seamless Integration

Easy setup & productivity boost. Integrated hardware, software & payment processors. Automate tasks, manage inventory, track customers.

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Reliable Support & Partnerships

Strong relationships with POS brands. Customization & exclusivity options. Dedicated support for smooth experience.

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Smart Stock Control

Our retail solutions often include inventory management tools, enabling retailers to keep track of stock levels, monitor product performance, and streamline reordering processes. This helps reduce overstocking and understocking issues, ultimately saving time and money.

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Enhanced Customer Relations

PayProTec's retail solutions focus on enhancing customer engagement through features like loyalty programs, digital receipts, and CRM tools. These features help retailers build and maintain strong relationships with their customers, leading to repeat business.

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Payment Safety Measures

Security is paramount in retail, and PayProTec ensures that payment transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards. We offer encryption and fraud prevention measures to protect both retailers and their customers.

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Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Payments Hub is the all-inclusive payments and operations ecosystem powering businesses. The Payments Hub platform is backed by our in-house processor, EPX. As a one-stop destination for all merchants' needs, a variety of services are included as standard, from tracking and reporting to fraud protection and support for Level 3 Data to reduce interchange rates.

Processing payments in-house also allows us to update integrations quickly to support unique requirements. Being a processor and a gateway, we give our partners one integration point for every business need. When you partner with us, you're plugging in to an encapsulated, streamlined, and highly customizable payment ecosystem.

Features for any type of retail business

Employee Maintenance

Streamline employee scheduling, track performance, and manage roles for optimal staffing.

Unlimited Products

Scale your retail business without limitations, offering an extensive range of products.

Feedback & Survey

Collect feedback and conduct surveys to gain insights and improve customer satisfaction.

Text Receipts

Offer the convenience of text message receipts for customers on the go. (Retail)

Loyalty Management

Implement a robust loyalty program to reward and retain your most valuable customers.

Handheld Mobile POS

Enable sales associates to process transactions on the go, improving customer service and reducing wait times.

Multi Barcode Suppoort

Efficiently manage multiple barcodes for products with different packaging or labeling.

Catalog Management

Effortlessly organize and manage your product catalog for easy browsing and searching.

System Tools & Reporting

Access comprehensive reporting and analytical tools to gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions.

Digital Receipts

Provide digital receipts to customers, reducing paper waste and enabling easy returns.

Product Modifier

Easily add customizations or variations to products to meet your customers' unique preferences.

...and more!
*Not all features are available on all devices

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