Refining the dining experience

Three reasons restaurants should choose PPT

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Versatile & Customizable

Tailor the POS to their needs. Efficient ordering, table tracking, online ordering for restaurants. Online orders checkout, catalog management, loyalty management for retail.

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Seamless Integration

Easy setup & productivity boost. Integrated hardware, software & payment processors. Automate tasks, manage inventory, track customers.

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Reliable Support & Partnerships

Strong relationships with POS brands. Customization & exclusivity options. Dedicated support for smooth experience.

For nearly all restaurant types

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Table Service

Crafted to optimize operations, our systems effortlessly streamline order processing, secure payments, and seamless front-to-back communication. With that burden lifted, merchants can focus solely on delivering plate after plate of culinary perfection.

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Quick Service

Our comprehensive solutions effortlessly manage station operations, optimize customer flow, and anticipate peak demands.Crafted for speed, our restaurant solutions elevate performance, from quick order entry to seamless back-of-house operations, propelling the team to unmatched efficiency.

Online Ordering

Transform any restaurant with our innovative online ordering solution. Streamline kitchen operations by sending orders seamlessly, eliminate peak-time chaos with easy toggling, and liberate both the staff and phone lines.

Plus, effortlessly manage menus and settings across locations, all while delighting customers with automated notifications and personalized coupons for enhanced online dining.

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Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Payments Hub is the all-inclusive payments and operations ecosystem powering businesses. The Payments Hub platform is backed by our in-house processor, EPX. As a one-stop destination for all merchants' needs, a variety of services are included as standard, from tracking and reporting to fraud protection and support for Level 3 Data to reduce interchange rates.

Processing payments in-house also allows us to update integrations quickly to support unique requirements. Being a processor and a gateway, we give our partners one integration point for every business need. When you partner with us, you're plugging in to an encapsulated, streamlined, and highly customizable payment ecosystem.

Features for any type of restaurant

Mobile POS

Take orders and process payments from anywhere in the establishment for improved efficiency.

Table Tracking

Easily manage table assignments and track orders to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Online Ordering

Expand your markets and increase revenue by offering convenient online ordering options.

Efficient Ordering

Streamline the order-taking process for faster service and happier customers.

Kitchen Display System

Streamline communication between the front of house and kitchen, ensuring accurate and timely order preparation.

Customer Database

Build a comprehensive customer database to personalize experiences and drive repeat business.

Menu Customization

Easily modify and customize menus to cater to changing preferences and seasonal offerings.

...and more!
*Not all features are available on all devices

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