PayProTec Partners, if you're an established independent sales office or have always dreamed of building your own sales team, our Go Brand Yourself program is exactly what you're looking for to solidify your brand in the payments industry. When you join the Go Brand Yourself program, PayProTec's branding is replaced by your own branding. However, PayProTec still works behind-the-scenes to give your merchants the best possible experience, giving you and your brand the credit it deserves.

Let's get your business, be it an idea or LLC, registered and branded!

Get a branded. . .


Paper and online applications have your brand, rather than PayProTec's.

Merchant Portal & Statements

A merchant portal for your merchants to check their transaction, view statements, etc. Their statements also have your branding.

Partner Portal

When your partners login to check their compensation and portfolio, your branding is displayed.

Merchant Support

Once an MID belonging to your brand is received, your brand is then represented as if our support team is yours. You will also receive a branded email detailing every interaction we have with your merchant.

Deployment Packages

Generic boxes with equipment and properly branded documents inside.

myPayProTec Store Pieces

We'll add your branding to each piece you order PLUS give you 10% off* of every myPayProTec Store order.
*Minimum quantities must be met.

Want to be your own brand?