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Empowering our national network of sales partners with cutting-edge payment solutions designed for businesses spanning various industries.

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Eliminate up to 99% of your merchant's payment processing fees.

A no-brainer if you're looking to grow your portfolio

EDGE offers a specialized option for merchants who want to reduce credit card processing fees.

By collecting a small additional amount on each credit card transaction, EDGE can help offset most of the processing fees for merchants.

With EDGE, you'll also have access to advanced technology and tools that make it easy to implement this option in your business.

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We don't compete with our partners

At PayProTec, we embrace a partner-centric philosophy that truly distinguishes us. We take pride in our network of partners, all of whom are 1099 employees, ensuring that we never compete with these valued partners using "in-house sales."

This unwavering commitment to collaboration empowers our partners to thrive, expand their portfolios, and attain remarkable success.

We're in your corner, every step of the way