Perfect for:


Quick Service


Designed for All Types of Restaurants

Linga iPad POS is the world’s first Open platform, Cloud-based iPad POS System. It’s a completely free software solution that is more sophisticated than any other Point of Sale system on the market.


Online Ordering

Bring your menu online with Linga Point of Sale. Having an online ordering system allows your restaurant to place the customer experience at the top of their priorities.

EMV Ready

Customer-facing displays are nice. Built-in customer-facing displays are even nicer. It offers an impressive-looking interface that shows price, loyalty points, branding and more.

Inventory Management

Linga’s ingredient level inventory management system tracks food costs to increase your profits. Every ingredient is examined to gauge the overall menu price.

Works Offline

Linga POS is fully functional without Wi-Fi or an internet signal. This innovative system works without the need of a server, computer, or additional iPads. Start using a system without complications