Hospitality EMV Acceptance


The Issue

When a customer hands your employee a chip-enabled card and the card is authorized by not using a EMV reader, liability for any chargeback shifts to you, the restaurant—not the card issuer.

We've worked with restaurants losing up to $15,000 per month, per location due to this switch in liability. Compounding the issue is many point of sale providers not offering an economical EMV solution. So even though the risk of chargebacks is high, it's still cheaper to eat that cost than pay for the current point of sale to be made EMV compliant.

Our Solution

When we started working on a solution, we had three criteria to meet:

  1. It has to solve the problem; remove the chargeback liability from the restaurant.
  2. It has to be cost-effective for the merchant.
  3. It cannot negatively impact the customer's payment experience.

We researched options, field tested several of them, and then implemented the leading solutions. The result is that we've met the criteria above and now have a EMV solution to offer any hospitality business, no matter what point of sale they are utilizing, even if it has been custom built.

Is This Solution For You?

If you operate a multi-location hospitality business and utilize point of sale systems like Aloha, Micros, or anything similar this solution is for you.

PayProTec is a relationship company. While we are a business solutions company that focuses on payment processing, it is the focus on the relationship that sets us apart. It has allowed us to excel in innovation that enhances the relationship and the overall customer experience. Providing EMV acceptance for the hospitality industry has become an everyday mission.  

No matter what your current system is or what your current need is, PayProTec is committed to providing or finding a solution for you to accept EMV. 

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